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What are my TRICARE For Life Costs?

You don't pay any enrollment fees for TRICARE For Life (TFL), but you must pay Medicare Part B monthly premiums. Your Part B premium is based on your income. To find out more, visit http://www.medicare.gov/your-medicare-costs/part-b-costs/part-b-costs.html or call Social Security at 800-772-1213 or 800-325-0778 (TTY).

Your out-of-pocket costs depend on the service you receive and whether or not it's covered by Medicare and TFL. View your Health Care Plan Costs.


Who covers the service What you pay
Both Medicare and TFL

*Medicare pays first

*TFL pays second

*You pay nothing

TFL, but not Medicare 

*TFL pays first

*Medicare pays nothing

*You pay the TFL deductible and coinsurance

Medicare, but not TFL 

* Medicare pays first

* TFL pays nothing

* You pay the Medicare deductible and coinsurance

Not covered by Medicare or TFL 

* Medicare pays nothing

* TFL pays nothing

* You pay the entire bill


What does TRICARE For Life cover?

TRICARE For Life and Medicare cover care that is proven, medically necessary, and appropriate. TRICARE has special rules and limitations for certain types of care. TRICARE does not cover some types of care at all. TRICARE policies are very specific. You should confirm your services are covered with your provider, Medicare, and TFL.

Find out more about coverage limitations here or download the TRICARE For Life Cost Matrix.

Medicare also has limits on the amount of care it covers. In some cases, TRICARE may cover these services after your Medicare benefits run out. To determine if Medicare covers a specific service or benefit, visit Medicare.gov or call 1-800-633-4227.


Common examples of services excluded from TRICARE coverage:

  • Acupuncture

  • Assisted living facility care

  • Chiropractic care

  • Custodial care

  • Elevators or chair lifts

  • Exercise equipment or programs

  • Long-term care

  • Nursing homes

  • Weight loss products